Thursday, January 19, 2012


Helllllooooo friends!

I wanted to write all of this fantastic stuff down before I forget!  I had the day off school yesterday, and took it  as a sign to make a last feast before the semester gets out of control.  Italian was the theme, and I think it went great...  Every time I cook for my boyfriend and his house, it is always a small victory for me when they like it because I always make it "healthier"... So here was the menu:

Whole Wheat Pesto Garlic Knots (dough made in the bread machine :) )
Ravioli: Lean Ground Beef with Cottage Cheese (instead of ricotta), Parmesan Cheese, Fresh Parsley, Onions, and Garlic
Ravioli: Zucchini, Onion, Garlic, Carrots, Red pepper, Parmesan Cheese, Some cream cheese, Fresh Parsley
Homemade tomato sauce (with red wine of course)
Asparagus wrapped in cream cheese and Proscuitto
Salad with olives, tomatoes, onions, and blue cheese crumbles

It came out great! I used won ton wrappers for the raviolis, and found they did fall apart some when I boiled the raviolis, but that is ok, they were still delicious.  I need to figure out a way to serve the raviolis and have them not stick together too.  Next time ;)  I am wondering if i made homemade ravioli wrappers if the same thing would happen.  Ironically, the Today Show has a chef on this morning that's making ravioli, I will watch him and perfect this!

I woke up this morning so angry, has that ever happened to you?  I hate it, it sets such a poor tone for my day.  I am planning to hit the gym later (well see though) and hopefully that will get rid of this feeling.  I need to perfect walking on an incline and reading Chemistry... then we can have productive, calorie-burning workouts!

My motivation has been a little better.  I didn't dread running yesterday, and did 2.75 miles.  It would have been 3 but the cold weather does a number on your lungs, I hate that feeling when every breath is like you are wheezing.  My legs felt a bit stiff, but feel great today.  Can't wait for nicer weather and my training runs for the half marathon start!  I will be training during my road trip to New Orleans, pretty excited to explore Nashville, New Orleans, and Lexington on foot! Maybe we can drag the boyfriend too ;)

Even though I haven't been to active, I am not getting sore after I do work out.  However, one part of my body really does bother me, and it's my back.  i think when I run, I carry a lot of tension in my back.  Any hints how to help with a tight back after runs?

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